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Akame no Taki

The 48 waterfalls of Akame are located near Nabari city (名張市) in Mie prefecture (三重県). They are considered to be one of Japan's 100 finest waterfalls (日本の滝百選, Nihon no taki hyakusen).

Nabari village

Welcome to Japanese countryside! As you can notice, there is almost nothing around Akame Guchi station (赤目口). Fortunately, there were some cherry blossoms to brighten up the landscape...
From the station, it takes about 10-minutes bus ride to get to Akame's waterfalls (Akame Shijû-hachi Taki 赤め四十八滝). The best time to visit the site is during Autumn season.


Salamander museum

The visit starts with the salamander museum where you can see impressive specimens: the Japanese giant salamanders. These little batrachians can grow up to 1,50 m long, weighing up to 30kg! They live alone in streams with clear cool water. Their lifespan is around 30 years, but they can live up to 80 years... Needless to say that it would make a perfect domestic animal ;)


waterfall road

Then, begins the road running alongside Akame's 48 waterfalls. It is a very nice walk which takes around 2h for 4,27km in the middle of the forest.


Fudo no Taki

Name: 不動滝 - Distance from the departure: 230 m / 6 min - Height: 15 m


Senju no Taki

Name: 千手滝 - Distance from the departure: 800 m / 20 min - Height: 15 m


Nunobiki no Taki

Name: 布曳滝 - Height : 30 m


Ninai no Taki

Name: 荷坦滝 - Distance from the departure: 2 600 m / 70 min - Height: 8 m


Biwa no Taki

Name: 琵琶滝 - Distance from the departure: 2 870 m / 80 min - Height: 15 m


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